In keeping with the latest trend of fast casual bibimbap restaurants, Bap and Chicken offers customizable Korean rice bowls with interesting add-ons like jackfruit, pineapple and salmon. Health conscious eaters can sub out the white rice for quinoa or spring greens. And the set menu options include bibimbaps studded with fresh kiwi and brie cheese.

It’s fairly quiet and you can get the same kinds of songs played at the bigger bars with a little better quality. Sang Won – This is a small, cozy place with old world charm. It has been opened just a few months but already it’s become very popular. While you’re here, you’ll probably be able to catch a new band or two. There’s even a small stage where you can watch live musicians perform – a rarity in South Korea. If you want more fun with your friends visit here https://shirtsroom.org

“North Koreans’ main hobby is probably drinking,” says Simon Cockerell, who has visited the country more than 100 times in his capacity as a tourguide for Koryo Tours, which leads trips to the DPRK for foreigners. It’s nearly midnight, and the bar is firmly, implacably closed. With crappy beer, strange nightclubs, and even bad hangovers, Pyongyang’s nightlife may be the only domain in which a Westerner can find normalcy in the Hermit Kingdom. The value of successful viral marketing campaigns to marketing performance is widely acknowledged. As a result, a great deal of attention is paid to mechanisms that foster viral spread. However, due to the consumer-influenced nature of viral replication, it is also important to consider the malleability of such messages.

Instagram selfies abound and beta is discussed—often over coffee. Another unique feature of Korean gyms is the presence of coffee vending machines. As a session inevitably morphs into relaxation, the crew sticks together and climbing remains the focus. Respect Bouldering Crew, Hold-Holic, and Beaches Climber Girls are just a sampling of the crews with robust social-media presences.

In fact, in the evenings you will often find that you can hear karaoke being played in storefronts, restaurants, malls and in private homes. There are even some karaoke bars that are open 24 hours. When you travel to Seoul, you need to make sure that you check into at least one of the karaoke bars. Once you try them out and are hooked, there is no going back. These bars are definitely the best way to enjoy a night out while listening to your favorite music. Seoul has the most amazing music and bars anywhere in the world.

Jie Ooi, 17, center, from Malaysia, and Evangeline Goh, 16, right, from Singapore, stay overnight outside to get closer seats at a free concert by Ooi’s favorite group, NCT Dream in Jongno, Seoul, South Korea. “It was a one-of-a-kind chance to see them up close,” Ooi said. The next morning, people kept pushing each other and it was really stressful. Now I think about it, I’m thankful that I did it… When I saw them, it didn’t feel real.

From office environments to pressures of marriage, being yourself in the open is frowned upon. The room salon illustrates how South Korean men let it all out in the comfort of another world, in the expensive basements of Gangnam, a dark underside of South Korea where anything goes. As one of my managers — married — puts it, “I am a single man on weekdays”. This seems to be the unspoken rule in male-dominated company life which exempts them from qualms about immoral behaviour or adultery. So pervasive is the culture of money for sex that I have yet to hear of any male South Korean office worker friend that has not participated in after-work sexual gratification.

Purpose As Japan has been slowly opening up to foreign workers to supplement its shrinking workforce, local employees have had to deal with increased diversity at work, owing to the presence of foreign coworkers. This paper aims to investigate the relationship between foreign coworkers’ nationality and the perception of the benefits and threats of cultural diversity in the workplace by Japanese employees. Design/methodology/approach A sample of Japanese employees working in Japan, half of which working with foreigners, was used, focusing on those Japanese employees who reported working with foreign coworkers of a single nationality. Findings The authors found that Japanese workers’ perceived benefits of cultural diversity at work, but not perceived threats, are significantly impacted by the unique nationality of their foreign coworkers. And more benefits from cultural diversity at work are perceived by Japanese employees in the presence of Western or Chinese, rather than South Korean coworkers. Fans spend a Sunday afternoon celebrating K-pop singer IU’s birthday at a coffee shop in Seoul, South Korea.

This blending of climbing and socializing—and social media—in South Korea is extensive and fascinating. While it is common for a climber in the United States to visit a gym and climb alone, such a thing is rare in South Korea. In 2017, she even climbed a Seoul skyscraper, the Lotte Tower, as a televised event.

Now, interest in Korea as a destination, which has never been an easy sell to American travelers, is on the rise. Still, of the 9.78 million foreign tourists who visited in 2011, a scant 660,000 were American, many of them business travelers. Even for buzzed North Koreans, there are few opportunities to fall out over religion or domestic politics; both are essentially off limits. Bar fights are rare, as are Hangover-style experiences — “I don’t know of anyone who has drunk too much and then blazed a trail of destruction across Pyongyang,” Cockerell says.

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