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While at the winery, you’ll get a chance to try a range of local wines served with Croatian cheese. Explore Krka National Park and Sibenik with ease on this group tour. Depart from Split in an air-conditioned vehicle equipped with WiFi and learn about the city of Sibenik from your driver guide. Travel by boat to Skradin and experience Croatian wine culture with a wine tasting. However, the boats and day tours don’t run until April so it’s best to wait until then if you plan to use them.

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Other park essentials include water, a shawl to cover your shoulders if you decide to visit the Franciscan Monastery, a hat, sunglasses, and plenty of SPF if you’re visiting in the summer months. We will then take you by our air-conditioned bus from Split all the way to Krka National Park, more precisely to the little coastal town called Skradin. From Skradin you will board the boat with which you will sail across the Krka lake on a half an hour panoramic ride that will take you straight inside the Krka National Park. Krka National Park & Šibenik Trip– This tour is a two-for-one! In addition to visiting Krka National Park, you’ll also get to explore the picture-perfect town of Šibenik.

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Did you know that Šibenik is the only city in Croatia that can boast two UNESCO World Heritage Sites? From cathedrals and fortresses to Michelin-starred restaurants, Šibenik is yet another Croatian coastal charm. The oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic is also the first city in the world with street lights powered by a polyphase system of alternating current.

Four hours You’ll spend in the park, is enough to enjoy the park thoroughly. You will even have time to catch up with the past, visiting the second oldest hydroelectric plant, built just two days after Tesla’s hydroelectric plant on Niagara Falls became operational. Spend a whole day at the park, drink a few glasses of wine in a local winery, taste some of the best local homemade olive oil you can find, or just avoid the crowd and pick a private tour. Book your walking tour of Diocletian’s Palace in Split Croatia to see the city’s fascinating Roman history come to life with a local expert guide. In this article, I’ve listed everything you need to know about doing a day trip to Krka waterfalls from Split. Krka national park tour & Wine Tasting– Last but not least, you can combine your trip to Krka National Park’s waterfalls with a visit to a wonderful local winery.

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