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The puzzles are listed below from the easiest to the most difficult

Rotating the selection of puzzles will help maintain their interest. Each puzzle piece has a big knob that makes it easy to hold and manipulate .

This creates motivation for a child to keep going until it is complete, along with a sense of achievement. Without this skill, you would not know or understand why two pieces should connect together, or how they form a part of the bigger picture. We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process.

It’s really a perfect little magnetic wand puzzle – we love owning this. The puzzles for children are listed below from the easiest to the most difficult. Sign up and be the first to hear about new products and special offers.

One of my hands down favorite puzzles and not the easiest one to do. It’s challenging in the best way – my daughter was two when she got this and now at age 6, it’s still a hit. I love having a variety of puzzles, and yes – some might be “young” for my older kids but they still love them, they still play with them, the puzzles are still good for them. There was nothing I loved more as a teacher than watching a group of first graders work their behinds off trying to put together a 100 piece floor puzzle before the bell rang. It’s worth mentioning there are some puzzles that have less than 20 pieces. Those are not rectangular and take the specific shape that will be assembled like a butterfly or t-Rex.

That’s the main reason why this type of inset puzzles is perfect for babies and younger toddlers who are starting to develop their fine motor skills. When you hear the word “puzzle”, your mind probably goes to the classic jigsaw puzzles that have interlocking pieces. But they’re not the only game in town as there are also inset puzzles, which include pieces that fit inside holes on a wooden tray.

Pegged puzzles are quite similar to knobbed puzzles except the pieces have a smaller knob . They’re considered the most difficult inset puzzles out of the three. It releases stress, encourages mindfulness and is a good way to calm an anxious child. It is also a great activity to do when you want to wind down from an active play session. Last but certainly not least, building puzzles is such an enjoyable and calming activity, that even many adults enjoy doing them.

Build your own 3D model koala from pre-cut, numbered card pieces and glue. Build your own 3D model unicorn from pre-cut, numbered card pieces and glue. A set of colourful wooden magnetic shapes, tray and suggestion cards, use the cards to create animal shapes, an absorbing pastime for a younger child. For an educational puzzle that blends geography with playtime, the Melissa and Doug USA Puzzle is a good option. If you have older kids that are open to a challenge, the Rolife 3D Wooden Puzzle is perfect.

Going for a puzzle that comes with its own storage box can help you corral all of the tiny pieces. It’s not exactly a puzzle, but it’s all about spatial awareness, problem solving, and critical thinking. Tangram puzzles are HARD – which mean they are the perfect puzzle for kids to grow with. I know when you’re cleaning up the toy room, you don’t mind cleaning up the puzzles even though it’s “easy” for you. By the way, we have developed a calculator for suitable puzzle size.

Play these fun games and puzzles with friends and family or choose a solo game and practice alone. While a toddler mainly builds a puzzle using trial and error, as a child matures, they begin to match the pieces based on the picture. A beautifully detailed 48 piece large floor puzzle, with an ark bursting with pairs of creatures, about to embark on their voyage.

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