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What’s The Best Business Laptop 2021

It’s the most dramatic revamp of a Surface in years and it’s all for the better. The battery life on offer is billed up to 8.5 hours, which is plenty of time to get out and about without worrying about charging. This is a laptop that’s well worth checking out, managing to offer great specs at an ultra-competitive price point. We’ve searched the internet to find the best laptops for work under £1,000 that don’t know the meaning of compromise. Among our favourites, you’ll find plenty of RAM and meaty processors, allowing you to run image editing apps such as Photoshop, and even pull out some gaming. That said, the more you want from your laptop, the more it’ll cost you… normally.

As the resident expert on Windows, Anyron’s main focus is PCs and laptops. Much of the rest of his time is split between smartphones, tablets and audio, with a particular focus on Android devices. Some high-end laptops are indeed excellent but you may want to save some money while still getting decent performance.

In terms of ports, Microsoft has done reasonably well to include connections for USB, USB-C, SD card, and a headphone jack, though only one of each. If I was to make a minor suggestion, I’d have added more of each, though admittedly I never needed to use more than one at a time. So, without further ado, here were my picks when I set out to find the best laptops for everyday use, starting with my favourite… In my early career, I worked as an editor of scholarly science books, and as an editor of “”Dummies””-style computer guidebooks for Brady Books . I’m a lifetime New Yorker, a graduate of New York University’s journalism program, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Highly customizable and sporting an attractive carbon-fiber chassis, the Dell Latitude 7420 will also please enterprise users with long battery life and the latest Intel silicon.

There are a few niggles – chief among them being the lack of touchscreen or LTE options on the larger model – but these are easily overlooked considering it comes in at less than £1,500. Combine that with the outstanding battery life and the gorgeous design, and you’ve got a machine that’s guaranteed to turn heads in any office. Apple’s latest laptop breaks away from the Intel processors of old, and the result is a spectacularly good laptop. With the Apple M1 chip onboard, the new MacBook Air outperforms most Intel-based Windows rivals at a similar price, has better battery life and it’s fanless as well so doesn’t whine irritatingly when it’s working hard. The Lenovo YOGA 520 is an extremely well-built hybrid with a great screen. The custom AMD processor proved powerful in our benchmarks, and was optimized to bring about more than 12 hours of battery life on our test.

Again, there are variants with Full HD and less sharp displays, so make sure to check before buying. You get Google services like Docs and Mail baked in, and they can run Android apps. There are versions of the Microsoft Office suite apps available for Chromebooks, for example. You’re looking at around £550 for the version with an Intel Core i5, 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM. But with that kind of power on tap, the Inspiron 14 is going to feel fresh for years. With the same budget, you can also pick up the AMD Ryzen 5500U CPU version.

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