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Graduate of the 1979th batch of Kerala Veterinary & Animal Sciences College, Thrissur. He has commanded many army dog units in the North Eastern states and Jammu & Kashmir and has also participated in Sri Lankan operations with army dogs. He was the first officer selected by the army in  K9 Training Institute and use indigenous dog breeds called Gaddi or Bakarwal of Kashmir valley for use by the defense forces which was a great success. I have known Shirin for the past few years, after doing all the courses from her, and I have changed for the better. She has not only trained me as a Trainer and Behaviourist but has given me a reason to live and has motivated me to fight my disability and made me confident & independent. She loves to share the knowledge she has as much as possible and is always available when you need her guidance and help.

The importance of learning how to ground yourself and meditate. Puppy development right from conception to 6 months of puppy age. Or, that their dog needs to be of a certain age in order to benefit from these techniques.

Whether you want an essential guide on managing them or trying to compete in different races, they have the best training programs to help you have a healthy relationship with your dog. There are various reasons why people choose to train their dogs for self-defense purposes. Some may have an aggressive dog that needs to be taught how to behave appropriately. You should train your dog to share the same area with other dogs without causing any problems. Knowing when not to allow your dog to participate in obedience classes is essential. This online course will help you decide which class would work best for your dog and any problems that may arise during their socialization periods.

Those who have the right aptitude and inclination will be given the opportunity to continue the training in all specializations up to an optimum level on completion of one month. Earning a certificate demonstrates your willingness to make the time commitment necessary for professional and career development and success. A certificate is only as good as the knowledge and skills gained by the student. In other words, its quality is dependent on the Faculty member, the Content, and the Student.

It is nice to know that the nonverbal training we had already done, due to my husband’s illness, is part of the training in this free class. It is so unbelievable that my dog has already started to look at me for direction and barking at people and animals has almost stopped. We are inspired by how they do things that we plan on turning several abandoned dogs into service dogs so they are appreciated instead of turned away. Our workshop has helped to successfully train more than 2.7 million dogs – from small breeds like Pomeranians and Chihuahuas to large breeds like English Mastiffs and Great Danes. Instead, it will help you understand how you can train your dog to behave LIKE a service dog in most situations. Rating A+ The BBB only accredits the business management of a school, not the quality of the curriculum, or training programs.

In addition to training your dog, you’ll also want this course to learn how to take care of them properly. It also includes an essential pet care workshop that will help you in your training efforts by giving you more accurate tips on caring for your dog and how to minimize the risk of any diseases affecting them. It will also help you to understand how to read the different body language so that you can better understand what your dog thinks when it does not want to participate in certain activities.

It is not only just teaching your dog the commands and how he needs to behave, but they also have fun and playful activities with a pup, so that he enjoys the most when he is with them. We Conduct online dog training classes for pet parents and dog trainers. To know more about our trainer training courses and equip yourself with the knowledge and skill to train your dog yourself. Many people are interested in competitive obedience and agility courses.

This enhanced curriculum now includes an additional 300 pages of information and features a beautiful, sleek graphic design and enhanced training videos with the goal of providing students an improved learning experience. Happy Dog services provide training and grooming services in and around Gurgaon. They have trained professionals who know exactly what to teach the dogs. Besides training, they also offer dog food which is available for sale at reasonable prices. The first step in making your dog more socially acceptable and friendly with other dogs and people is to train them. At Commando Kennels, we make certain that your dog receives the greatest dog training centre in Hyderabad possible so that he or she may develop into a great and loving companion.

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