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Decorative Bark Chippings Bulk Bag Ornamental Garden Bark Chippings

A premium bark that will look at home in any garden space. Oakley Turf Farm offer value for money, multi-purpose Bark Chippings. Our Bark is great for a whole range of garden uses and is available all year round. Place your order and we’ll be in touch to confirm a delivery date.

Bark chippings protect plant roots against adverse weather conditions by insulating them during winter months. Bark helps to suppress weeds by stopping sunlight from reaching the little seeds that form when weeds are first developing, therefore reducing time spent you spend on garden maintenance. Our decorative bark facilitates excellent drainage as bark layer allows water to penetrate to the soil and roots below.

3/8″ minus shredded fir and hemlock Bark mulch bulk bags aged for over a year to achieve a rich dark brown color. It beautifies your garden beds providing a dark contrast to the green colors of plants. Prevents weed growth, improves water retention and soil texture. It also protects plant roots from excessive heat during summer.

Our own outdoor spaces however, need a little more care to create the perfect backdrop for making memories and refresh your mind, the body and the soul. We want to give you the means to make it special… Check “”Remember Me”” to access your shopping cart on this computer even if you are not signed in. Our Spent Mushroom Compost is a rich mixture that is easy to work with and gives great results.

Works to suppress weeds without need for harsh chemical weed killer. A great cost effective alternative to other mulches and barks. Large Bulk deliveries are available of this product.

The shredded bark is ideal for use in borders, edgings, pathways and other similar landscaping applications. The decorative bark combined with WeedTex helps bring colour and texture to your garden. For gardeners who want to enhance the visual appeal of their garden areas, King Guru brings the premium landscaping bark bulk bag. Our landscape bark mulch is great for topping the borders and beds for a perfect finish. Meanwhile, it prevents the growth of unwanted pesky weeds.

Our Landscaping and Play Grade barks are supplied from Forest Stewardship Council® approved sources. The FSC® label means that materials used for the product have been responsibly sourced ( | FSC®-C147081). Rolawn Landscaping bark is a mid-dark brown, good quality multi-purpose conifer bark mulch derived from forestry woodchi.. Most smaller non-Bark products will dispatched by a parcel delivery service. Any orders to be returned to us must be notified to us by telephone.

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