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The main jewels in the Kawai crown are sound and touch – arguably the two most important areas. If you’re going to buy Kawai – and there are several compelling reasons to do so – it makes sense to go for one of their higher-end models. The warranties are also competitive, with 3 years on the Privia range and 5 on the Celvianos standing out from the crowd .

I live in a area with very little access to sit down and try the different brands. How does a person pick one brand over another if they don’t have access? I am leaning towards the Roland FP30 but would like to test a Korg to feel the keys and hear the sound. I just began playing piano a couple of months ago, and it’s been both fun and challenging. It takes a lot of research to find the right keyboard for your needs, and it’s amazing how much difference there is in the action between all of them. Compared to the G1/C1, the FP-90 offers a much better sound selection, tons of adjustable sound elements, arguably more realistic hybrid wooden key action, and great connectivity.

The FP-10 offers 15 sounds, including four grand-piano sounds, two electric-piano sounds, two organ sounds , two string sounds, vibraphone, and harpsichord. While the first grand-piano sound is the star of the show, most of the other sounds are good enough to use on occasion, such as when you’re jamming with another piano player who’s using a grand-piano sound. We will carefully go through the list of inbuilt voices while paying close attention to the frequency range of the speakers. A real piano produces a massive range of tones, from extreme lows to fierce highs, and while a digital can’t recreate this perfectly, we should be getting close with today’s technology.

Eight knobs and nine sliders are present on the surface, so you can change your sound in real-time. Even the keys are made of wood and this increases the realistic feel of the keyboard and strengthens the keys at the same time. The slim, graceful shape of the Artesia A-61 is both attractive and useful for beginners. It has 61 full-size velocity-sensitive keys that are semi-weighted and have a compact, lightweight design. Weighing a little less than 13 pounds, it is the ideal configuration for a portable piano.

I’m sure your comments will be appreciated by many reading this article and those considering a Kurzweil instrument for purchase. The PC4 is now 256 notes of polyphony, with the same layering/split options as the Forte, so as a pure synth that one is even more powerful. I’d recommend checking out both of them, since chances are you’ll like the sounds on the Korg more than those on the FP-90 . It’s a big market out there, but that doesn’t mean you have to get stuck with something you don’t want. In fact, to make it worth your while considering one of Kurzweil’s instruments, you need to be looking at their top end.

With the addition of the Key Touch Control, you can even select one of three sensitivity settings, so you can perfectly set the touch of the piano to your preference. Now, in case that wasn’t enough, the CSP150 may be the only digital piano on the market that will teach you how to play it. Using a series of discrete lights that illuminate to show you which notes to play, you can master any song you can think of.

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